List of courses offered during January 2023 Term

Sl. No. Course No. Course Name Credit Instructor Session
1 E0 270o Machine Learning 3:1 Ambedkar Dukkipati January 2023
2 E1 251o Linear and Non-linear Optimization 3:0 Chandramani Singh January 2023
3 DA 203o Introduction to Computing for AI & Machine Learning 3:1 Sashikumaar Ganesan January 2023
4 E0 251o Data Structures and Graph Analytics (Elective) 3:1 Viraj Kumar January 2023
5 DA 218o Probabilistic Machine Learning: Theory and Applications 3:1 Punit Rathore January 2023
6 E3 280o Semiconductor devices for nanoelectronics 3:1 Kausik Majumdar January 2023
7 E2 287o Communication Networking Lab 1:1 Parimal Parag January 2023
8 E2 201o Digital Communications 3:1 Neelesh B Mehta January 2023
9 E8 204o Antenna Theory and Practice 3:1 Debdeep Sarkar January 2023
10 E1 245o Statistical Inference for Engineers and Data Scientists 3:1 Sundeep Chepuri January 2023
11 DS 261o Artificial Intelligence for Medical Image Analysis 3:1 Phaneendra Yalavarthy January 2023

Note: Courses will be offered only if 8 or more students are enrolled for in a term.

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